Starlee Kine
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Is there a picture of Starlee Kine from This American Life on NPR anywhere?

For some reason, the faces behind the voices are always a little bit disappointing, but I just can't stand not knowing any longer.

There's only a tiny B&W shot from far behind on the website. I guess I could email them, but I feel kind of weird about it.
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a tad unrelated, but fun none the less.. Sarah Vowell was on The daily show this week if you missed it. She looked just as i expected - geeky-quasi-hip-looking /w slight bit of cuteness (not that any of that is a bad thing, quite the opposite!)
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She's the one in the far-right of the first photo on this archived TAL page from 2000.
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Link to TDS interview, since josh was too lazy to post it. Thought she was pretty uncute, myself, but maybe that's supposed to read like "slight bit of cuteness."
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Go to this page, and go almost to the bottom: there's a picture of Ms. Kine at 12 or 13 years old.
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My whole life, I've never seen a tighter fit of voice and face than Ira Glass.
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I'd just like to point out that this can't be an official TAL reference till Ira comes on and says, "...And then, she died of leukemia".
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This is offtopic and might be seen as a pointless snark, but TAL is distributed by Public Radio International, not NPR. NPR is not synonymous with public radio, it is just one (admittedly the biggest and oldest and best known) of the producer/distributors of content for the industry, which is mostly composed of independent or regionally networked non-profit radio stations... this non-centrality is what rocks about public radio. I happen to know this because I worked for PRI for several years.

Mr. Glass is very cool, BTW, and tremendously passionate about radio. I saw him live in Minneapolis (where PRI is headquartered) doing something that was both like and about his show (he talked about TAL experiences and mixed music in much like the episodes) and it was an amazing performance.
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