How to get Google Checkout to give us our $$?
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Google Checkout: No payouts, frozen bank account info, and Google seems to be ignoring all messages sent via their help form. Any advice on how to proceed & how to get our payouts?

In early December my organization added Google Checkout to our year-end fundraising campaign as an alternative to Paypal. Things went well, our business affairs manager verified the account, and we received donations via Google Checkout. (We are a 501(c)(3), and the business affairs manager submitted the requested documentation to Google.) Our "new merchant" 60 day limitations ended a few weeks ago, and we'd like to receive our money.

But...we have not received any payouts. It says we are "currently limited to $0.00 a month" in payouts at the bottom of the payouts page. On the financials section of our account settings, the bank account (filled in with routing/acct # and such) is listed as "(unavailable)" and "Change account" is greyed out.

All paths to any sort of help or customer support lead back to their "contact us" form, which I have filled out daily for about two weeks, with a variety of help requests options - ranging from "when is our next payout?" to "why is my bank account locked" and more - but...nothing. No reply. No help, no tracking number, no email saying our help request was received.

Other salient points:

-All orders are listed on Google as being charged and shipped.
-We are a 501(c)(3), and the business affairs manager submitted the requested documentation to Google.
-All help requests are submitted by the account-holder and with the registered email address.
-I've posted to the merchant forum, despite it not being the place to resolve account issues, but no results.
-I've read just about everything remotely relevant in the Google Checkout help articles, and it just keeps leading me back to that stupid contact form.

I don't know what else to do at this point, and I'm really frustrated and disappointed with Google. Any suggestions for other avenues to reach them and get things fixed/going again? Any settings to adjust or things I've missed?
posted by soleiluna to Computers & Internet (1 answer total) lists some phone numbers for Google:

Maybe one of them will get you through. If that doesn't work I'd probably consider getting lawyer to send them a letter. That might trigger a response. Maybe one of your non-profit's members is a lawyer and would be willing to do it pro bono?
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