Looking for 70's tire-tread sandals
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Anyone remember those brown leather sandals from the 70s which used a slab of old tire for the sole? The top straps were linked with rivets and metal rings. They were very common then, but apparently not so today. Can anyone out-Google me and find some for sale?
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DIY, man.

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An even better DIY.
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Yes, you want huaraches. There are dozens available online, although you can get them for about $5 a pair in many Mexican cities/towns/villages. You may find, though - unfortunately - that the glue used dissolves in salt water, so stay off the beach.
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Even more elaborate
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Baphomet - that sire doesn't seem to work at all. No images will load...

And thanks, but I don't want huaraches. (Blecch.) What I have in mind is more of a traditional sandal, in a configuration sort of like today's Tevas or the Birkenstocks with a heel strap. I used to get a new pair every summer as I was growing up, from local department stores. Hard to believe they'd just go extinct.
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I have a pair. No, you can't have them.

I found them in the attic of an ancient restaraunt I was remodeling at 10,000 feet high up in the middle of nowhere, colorado. They require constant repair, and alas, I can't skip in them. I love them regardless.
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