Are there stand-alone .srt players for OSX?
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Hulu is often great with the closed captions, but sometimes they're a day or week behind on adding them, or there's a set of bad captions. Is there some sort of .srt player for OSX that hovers over whatever video app you're using?

(for Windows users I found this:
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I can't figure out from the website if Titledrome will work on OSX. There's a free trial. I've used it on Hulu (I have Windows XP). It's OK if you don't mind struggling with the timing, but any SRT player is going to have that issue.
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Response by poster: @desjardins, thanks - I took a look and it's for Windows only. Clearly, this is an untapped market.
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Response by poster: OK, I finally found a OSX-compatible subtitle viewer:

Took a lot of digging around - all of the ones I found were exclusively for Windows.

I just tested it out and it's great. Now I can watch Netflix streaming and other not-captioned online videos is I have the .srt files for them.
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