Inhalt vs. Gehalt
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Germanfilter: could a fluent German speaker please help me, a non-German speaker, understand the difference between the word inhalt and the word gehalt? Both are translated as "content" in online dictionaries. Is there an easy way to grasp the distinction?
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My German isn't great, but here's a tidbit of information from wikipedia.
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I, a non-German speaker, found this description enlightening.
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I'm German. Don't ask me what Hegel meant by it, but Gehalt is closer to "essence", while Inhalt is a more prosaic "what's in in", like the contents of a jar.
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"what's in it"
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mikeh's link seems to get it. Inhalt is generally used for the physical contents of something, e.g. the contents of a can of beans (beans, sauce, water), while Gehalt is more equivalent to amount, e.g. the Gehalt (amount/content) of fat in the can of beans.
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What dhoe says, plus: Gehalt can mean a certain proportion of the Inhalt, as in wine. The alcohol content (Alkoholgehalt) is part of the entire content (Inhalt) of the bottle.
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It should be noted, too, that Hegel's definitions of Inhalt and Gehalt not necessarily match modern everyday usage of these terms. Just sayin'.
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Gehalt can also mean wages, fyi.
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Paraphrase: "Hegel claimed that the best language for science was 'German', but he actually wrote in his own language which some scholars described as 'Hegelese', and which was not always perfectly clear to everyone." -Mark Kingwell.
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Thanks everyone, this is very helpful. I think I grasp it now.
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Wow. I've been here for 10 years and now I finally get it. Thank you.
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