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Job boards and resources, paritcularly government and non profit sector.

I am sick and tired of my deadend job which barely pays the bills.
I am looking for jobs in a government/political role as well as non profit.
Receiving my BS not long ago I maybe find 4 to 6 jobs in a good week. Right now I am primarily following indeed and occassionally craigslist which is usually full of spam/work from home type nonsense.
I will be starting my masters this Summer and will be going to school nights and weekends so I would like to work full time as I did during undergrad.
Yet I feel I am not covering all the good resources to increase my opportunity to land a job within my field of Political Science.
So fellow mefis what sites do you routinely check to find new opportunities?
Michigan relevant would be good as well as any agregaters out there.
Particularly I would like to work up in my state legislature which I've been applying but those jobs are competitive and scarce as well as often insider offered.
Non profits, union organizations and anything else you may come up with would be awesome.
Thanks good people of mefi!
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Best answer: Most US Government jobs are at
Good luck!
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Best answer:
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Best answer: Some resources will be more or less relevant based on your political persuasion. If you are liberal, check out Jobs That Are Left and NOI Jobs. Both have Google groups that will send you daily digests of job postings.
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Best answer:
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the great responses!
This is why I love metafilter!
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Best answer: The Hill has a jobs section - not sure if they're all DC-based?

I'm assuming you're liberal since you mentioned unions, so I also recommend:

EMILY's List job bank
Democratic GAIN

Ditto Jobs That Are Left (also: join the Tom Manatos list that's in the sidebar - this is good stuff), NOI, and Idealist. And don't completely give up on Craigslist - I got an interview with a state legislator's office out of it once.
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