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Has anyone here had experience with conception post-IUD? Is there anything I should know ahead of time, or start doing a few months in advance to smooth the transition? How long after removal will fertility return?

I'm currently on Mirena IUD birth control. It has been one of the most wonderful things I've ever done for my mental health, my sex life, and my peace of mind! Highly recommended, gold star, this from someone who was a crazy bitch on oral hormonal birth control, etc.

But, it's time to finally say goodbye to it - my husband & I are going to start trying to baby me up at the end of the summer.

Mirena's product website states that "[a] woman's chances of getting pregnant within 12 months of having Mirena removed are approximately 80%." Their website also states that per 100 women, 85 pregnancies will occur in 1 year with no birth control. So...there's apparently enough of a residual impact after it's removed to knock fertility down 5% for at least that first year.

So what should I expect? Any anecdata on how long after removal fertility magically reappears? Help me manage my expecations!
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If you're looking for anecdata, the nurse practitioner to placed mine told me that she's heard of people getting pregnant literally later the same day it came out. I don't believe her even a little (if coming out feels anything like going in did), but the point is that, in her professional experience, Mirena's impact was completely insignificant.
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I can't speak to any conception experience, but getting it removed is actually very quick and painless, pretty similar to removing a tampon (and I say this as someone who passed out during the insertion).
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According to the ACOG education pamphlet as soon as it is removed the device no longer protects against pregnancy
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Best answer: Found the removal no problem, and was pregnant within 6 weeks-and I was 39. YMMV, of course. Best of luck!
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One of my BFFs who has endometriosis and other problems that can impair fertility got pregnant last year, the second month her IUD was out. She told me it's unusual to get pregnant the first month it's out, many women don't ovulate the first month b/c of the hormones.

Women on the pill often go off it a couple months in advance of beginning trying to conceive so they can let their cycles "get back to normal" and just use condoms in the interim. You might consider that.
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Seconding that it can take a few months for your cycle to recalibrate itself. After you've removed the Mirena, you might look into charting your cycle (BBT and stuff) as a way to get to know your body's patterns again and to let you know when you've started ovulating again.
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Best answer: Had mine removed mid-January, got pregnant at the end of February (which I think was the first time I ovulated). So, yeah, fertility was restored right quick. I was 35 at the time (Baby Rabbit is ten weeks old today!)
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Best answer: I had a Paragard as a nulliparious woman, then a Mirena after my daughter, and now, post son, another Paragard.

1. Getting an IUD without having ever been pregnant sucks. IUD insertion after childbirth is nothing at all.

2. Getting the IUD out, pregnancy or no, is nothing at all.

3. I got pregnant right away after having my IUDs removed. Within weeks. I was 26 and 30, and have very fertile family members, so YMMV.
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Oh, so to answer your other question about things to do in advance: you don't need to do anything to prepare for having the IUD out, but you may want to start doing things like eating right, exercising, taking folic acid, etc. in case you do get knocked up right away after your Mirena is removed.

Nthing removal is seriously no big deal at all. Does not hurt, is not traumatic. You may bleed for a while a few days after it's removed (I did) -- I don't know if I ovulated right away or not, guessing not because the bleeding was so soon afterward.
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Best answer: I've taken out earplugs with more pain than I felt getting the Mirena taken out.

It took me a year to get pregnant after the Mirena came out, but that was due to complicating factors (hypothyroidism.) My best friend had hers taken out and conceived her son 4 days later.
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2nding rabbitrabbit, my doc suggested going on prenatal vitamins when I knew we were thinking about conceiving in the next year or so. I guess a lot of doctors are telling you to start them at least a few months before you start to try for a baby. Give a call to your doc and see what s/he suggests vitamin-wise.
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Best answer: Took mine out in late January, was pregnant in March (and the first month we only halfassed trying). Babby is 7weeks now. Totally getting another one in a few weeks, because of how great insertion/taking out/reducing periods were. I would make sweet love to you, Mirena, if you weren't already a resident in my uterus.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for sharing your experiences! I will of course be talking to my GP (Dr. Emily Godfrey, if anyone needs a lady doc in Chicago - she was featured in the NYTimes as an IUD pioneer and she is fantastic) but no matter how much of a scientist I think I am, it helps to hear stories from humans. :-)
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Best answer: I had mine taken out in the beginning of November 2009. Started tracking my cycles via cervical mucus/BBT and (despite a borderline-short luteal phase -- most likely due to the fact that I was still nursing my first kid) got pregnant on the fifth cycle of trying -- in March 2010. Have an 11 week old sleeping on my lap at this moment. :)
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