Convert .DVF file to something more civilized?
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I have to work with a number of audio interviews saved as .DVF format using a Sony digital audio recorder. Are there any tools to convert these into a more civilized format so I can burn them as .AIFF files?

Of course, there are complications: I am on OS X, although I am running Virtual PC (Windows 2000) so I can try solutions using either platform. Sony, damn their proprietary-software-hearts, have a plugin to allow you to listen to the files in Windows Media Virus, er, Player. I would like to convert these suckers to AIFF and burn them to a CD. Any hints?
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Switch (Windows) claims to do it. Also, the Digital Voice Editor software that comes with the unit is supposed to be able to do it as well, but I only see downloads on Sony’s site for update programs, not the full program.
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(hilker beat me to it by 2 minutes.)
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Ah, hilker! I could kiss you -- that worked. And saved me enormous headache. Thank you.
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Looks like the problem is already solved... but I'll mention my catchall solution to these problems, which is to just to play files in whatever format and capture and record AIFF directly from the soundcard. While not the ultimate solution in terms of fidelity, I have found the fidelity to be quite good, and it works for anything. If you can play it on your computer, you can make an AIFF file. I use it to capture streaming/flash/whatever play-only format audio, audio from DVDs, alternate audio formats, etc. There are many programs for this, I like Wiretap Pro. Well worth the purchase price in my book for the versatility.

Hilker's solution to the specific question is no doubt the superior though.
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