Creativity Gadget Gift Ideas!!
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Help me think of a good creativity gadget gift for a friend!!

I appreciate any suggestions!
here are some further characteristics I'm looking for...
- ideally portable!
- up to $100 or a little more (less is fine too!)
- by creativity, I mean especially, but not only, music-making or visual arts (including photo/video)
- if it's related to the iphone or mac, that's good too.
- no steep learning curve
- does not have to be digital / electronic

I was thinking of getting the Korg Kaossilator but am not sure about the synth sounds...

Thanks very much for your tips!
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Flip video cameras start at about $150, but I bet you can find a cheaper one if you're willing to go for an older gen one.
I know you said you don't know about synths, but have you considered the Thingamagoop from Bleep Labs? It's a build-it-yourself thing, so your friend would need to know how to solder.
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Kodak makes a Flip-like HD camera for $100.
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do they already have a camera? if so, some useful accessories, like a tripod and a lighting setup?
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As an accessory to creative pursuits on the Mac, people have loved this Powermate multifunctional usb knob for years. You program it to control anything you want.

This digital music maker, though apparently targeted at kids, might be a fun thing. And it's cheap.
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I got my girlfriend a gorillapod for her birthday. She loves it. They have a bunch of different models depending on the size of your camera. I got her one size bigger than what she needed to ensure it would still work if she upgraded to a slightly bigger SLR.
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PhotoJoJo has some gifts for photographers including iPhone accessory lenses and filters.

creative use (check)
iPhone related (check)
portable (check)
less than $100 (check)
easy to use (check)
not electronic (check)
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I was looking at the Zoom H1 digital recorder last night, maybe that might work. It's just at the edge of your budget iirc.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far - looking them up. I think my friend already has a Flip.
more tips welcome!
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How about a Wacom tablet, this one fits your price range. Comes with Photoshop Elements.
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