Import Lastfm playlist?
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How do I import my 3,000 item list of "Loved Tracks" into iTunes (for Windows) as a playlist?

How do I import my "loved tracks" to be a playlist in my iTunes?

Has anyone successfully added their "loved tracks" playlist to iTunes? lets us go to our "loved tracks" page and export the file to either of two formats. And we are told that we can import the list to iTunes but I haven't had any luck doing it.

There is a really complicated looking description of a special script to do this, but it is too challenging to me. I am using iTunes on Windows, and I have seen NO ONE say they have been able to import the list.

I have a few thousand loved tracks, and what I am looking for is NOT something that puts music in my iTunes library, but rather something that will autmatically list, as an iTunes playlist, the songs already in my iTunes library that are also "loved tracks" on here.

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Import Lastfm playlist?
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Can you tweak up a workaround via ratings, maybe?

The manual way to do it would be to sort your list of loved tracks by either title or artist, do the same in your iTunes music library, then spend an hour or so CMD+clicking to select each track. Then hit CMD+I to bring up the batch edit menu. Give everything in your "loved" list five stars, or whatever. Then make a smart playlist with everything with a five star rating. Voila!

I'm sure there's got to be an easier way to do it, though.
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"iTunes (PC/Mac), go to File > Library > Import Playlist, browse to the XPSF location."

Did you export the XPSF file to a location on your computer and then try this step? What happened or what made this step not work?
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Response by poster: I did what they said, and it didn't import, @soelo. And no one reports success, either. I don't know why it wouldn't import.

And @sara? I am using a Windows computer, and so that is my excuse for thinking the CMD key must be an Apple thing. But yes, I know I can manually just mark my tracks, but there are literally thousands of them.

There's a recent thread, or a start of one, here on the Lastfm support forum, but there's been no response.
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CMD = "command", which is the same thing as "control" or CTL in Windows. Sorry. I'm a mac geek.

There should also be a menu option for bringing up the batch edit menu. On my mac, it's under "file", listed as "get info". But it doesn't only let you receive information about your tracks, you can input as well. So you can select thousands of tracks at a time, go to that menu, and give all of them the same rating or genre or album name or whatever you want.
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You may want to try Mobster. The description says a few things that sound like they would work together to let you do this:

-XSPF playlist format
-You can use Mobster to control iTunes, make playlists
-play other iTunes users playlists

So, I think it will help you make an iTunes playlist from the XSPF file.

What version of iTunes are you running?
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Response by poster: @soelo.... I know I am using the latest Windows version of iTunes. The Mobster program is pretty old, and interestingly the developer is now with

I want to use mobster, and have downloaded it. Norton Antivirus is weeping and wailing only about one thing: It says don't run it unless I know it is good, because only ten Norton users have ever run it and it is old, etc. etc.

I am likely to run it but would be re-assured if you know it is workable these days.....
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