Hotel for Lollapolooza?
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Whats a good hotel to stay at in Chicago for Lollapalooza 2011?

Me and a bunch of friends have already decided were going to Lolla over the summer. Something we want to try differently this year is to stay in a hotel in Chicago instead of taking the train home every night. We know its probably going to be expensive, but maybe it will be feasible if we split it 4 ways. :D

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The Roosevelt is right on Michigan and probably the closest hotel to Lolla (if you don't mind breaking the state's longest-running, but intermittently-attended picket line). You might also want to try the Travelodge on Harrison around the corner from the Roosevelt.

If you're comfortable in a hostel, there's one on the NW corner of Wabash and Congress (which has an AMAZING Cuban sandwich place downstairs).

Disclosure: I don't have any experience staying at any of these hotels. I only know that they are the most proximal to the Lolla gate.
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Response by poster: "state's longest-running, but intermittently-attended picket line"

what is this picket line about?
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Oh god those Cuban sandwiches were good.

Re: the Travelodge. I used to park right across the street for my night classes at Columbia and more than once I saw, um, ladies of the night leaving. But otherwise it seems like a nice hotel. If you are going to drive in I can definitely recommend the parking lot directly across the street from the Travelodge. The people who work there are super nice.
posted by sugarfish at 1:11 PM on February 15, 2011 almost always has really incredible deals on decent hotels in Chicago. You can specify downtown. Probably if you book it far enough out the demand won't be high enough to get the hotwire prices higher than normal.

My wife and i regularly have downtown "staycations" using hotwire hotels in chicago.
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The Roosevelt is right on Michigan and probably the closest hotel to Lolla (if you don't mind breaking the state's longest-running, but intermittently-attended picket line).

Are you sure you don't mean the Congress Plaza?
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I think bryanzera actually means the Congress Plaza Hotel. As far as I know, the picket line is due to a many-years-old labor dispute that resulted in the hotel not hiring union workers.

There's more info here. I've been in the hotel, and it's not as bad as described, but I probably wouldn't recommend it.

There are a number of hotels in that general area, though.
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@Johnny Assay, @mikeh You're right ... I get confused sometimes. It is the Congress.

@NotSoSiniSter The picket line is the Local 1 demanding a fair wage.
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Response by poster: @bryanzera ahh thanks. :D curious. :D
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I may be a nervous nellie, but I would recommend against Hotwire or Priceline or any of those sites where you don't know the name or exact location of the hotel until you've booked. The Loop is big and you could end up a fair bit away from the action without having saved very much money.

If you want to walk/stumble/sway home at night, the suggestions above are good, and I'd also check out the Best Western at 1100 S. Michigan.

If you don't mind taking a short ride on the el (the red line) or the Michigan Avenue bus routes, that opens up a lot of options on the Mag Mile. Look on expedia or travelocity to compare a number of places at once.
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A couple years back I stayed at theWit Hotel We really enjoyed it for Lolla, far enough away that it wasn't too crowded with kids, but close enough to walk. It also has a *great* rooftop bar, and an amazing view. It's a little pricey, but splitting it in 4 makes it real manageable.
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