Where to buy Pellon Peltex #70 in Manhattan?
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My wife is working on a bead project and needs to procure a yard of white pellon peltex 70 ultra-firm stabilizer. She would like to get it from a brick-and-mortar retailer in New York City.

She has identified stores on the Internet that will sell this to her, but the cost of shipping will actually be more than the cost of the fabric. She has already contacted The City Quilter and Mood Fabrics, neither of which carry the product. Google hasn't been especially helpful, since the results are populated mainly with e-tailers. Anyone have a suggestion for a place she could check tomorrow? Extra points if it's on the 4/5/6 line in Manhattan, but I'm sure she's willing to travel a bit in order to visit a quality fabric store.
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I don't know anything about beading or stabilizer fabric, but I know that 6th Avenue in the upper 30s has a ton of bead and trimming and craft stores all clustered together. If a fabric store would be more likely to have it, I would think the Garment District might be the place to check out. Perhaps she could search for brick and mortar stores in Google Maps and call them and ask?
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Try these:
* Pacific Trim on W38th between 7th & 8th (they definitely carry a whole bunch of different interfacing)

* SIL Thread at 257 West 38th Street

* MJ Trim -6th Ave near 38th

FIT Bookstore - on about W27th near 7th ave

the whole area from 35th to 40th between 8th & 7th has tons of notions and fabric stores. I'd be inclined to take the subway up there & walk around this afternoon if you can. Someone is likely to have some, or at least something similar.
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If it's a routine beading supply, she should also try Beads of Paradise near Union Square.
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There's also a Michael's Crafts store on the Upper West Side
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Seems like Purl Soho carries it.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions! She had already been calling shops with no luck and was hoping somebody would know immediately who stocked it. Sometimes it's surprisingly hard to get supplies in Manhattan.

Anyway, this was, essentially, a no-go yesterday. Michael's doesn't carry it. It's not a routine beading supply, so she was confident Beads of Paradise wouldn't have it. Purl Soho comes close but doesn't have the correct weight (70). She checked the four places suggested by lyra4 as well as several other shops in the fashion district with no luck.

C'est la vie. There are always Internet storefronts — one of the cool things about living in the future.
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