Back rooms in Center City?
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A "back room" that you can reserve in Center City, Philadelphia? (Non-alcoholic venue extremely preferred, like a coffeeshop.)

I'm running a sort of for-profit workshop, and I think a very small number of people (like 2-8) are going to show up for the first one.

I'm hoping for a free space (and gently nudging the workshop attendees to buy something, which I'd discount off their workshop fee), or I could work something out with the venue owner, or I'd be willing to pay a room rental fee.

But I'm hoping to make a little bit of money if possible, and I'm charging about $10.

It's this Saturday--help!

(West Philly would be less ideal, but could work, too.)
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Good Karma Cafe 2 (the one near Washington Square) is pretty huge and has a couple of spaces, one of which might be able to be closed off. Maybe you could call them to see if you could rent one of their rooms?

What kind of requirements do you have? Can you just meet in a coffeeshop without necessarily reserving the space? i.e. does it require actual privacy?

If not, maybe downstairs at Chapterhouse (9th & Bainbridge). There's a big table down there you could gather around.

Not sure churches would feel about this type of thing (I imagine it would depend on the exact type of workshop you're running) but maybe try calling around?

The problem is, for $20-$80, you're unlikely to be able to rent an actual room somewhere...
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I'm not from Philly so I can't help you there, but if you offered free goodies to the attendees with their price of admission (raise the rate a few bucks to cover the cost) and used the money to buy the coffee shop goods yourself, that would be a much better deal for the coffee shop owner, as they'd get some guaranteed income off having your group in the shop. People also like free things, and it increases the value of your offering.
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I've organized a handful of events like this in Philly and schools and universities are almost always your best bet.

Try Temple's Center City Campus or Open Desks, both of whom I've had success with in the past.
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