Other Sites Besides Craigslist for Listing Part Time Jobs?
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Where can I post a job listing for a part-time (20 hours a week) temp-to-perm personal assistant in Santa Monica/LA? This is for the entertainment industry, and we're looking for something beyond Craigslist.

Allo! My small company (entertainment, books, film, etc.) needs to hire a personal assistant for 3 days a week on a temporary basis to go perm if it works out. While of course there's Craigslist, we were wondering if there is someplace else out there that individuals interested in a part-time job in the entertainment industry scour frequently? TIA Hive Mind!
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Have you noticed the "Jobs" link at the top of your screen?
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You might have to sign up to post a job (and it's a subscription site) but The Tracking Board has tons of industry-only jobs posted, like you describe.
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Alex's Info is a mailing list for actors that, along with casting calls and other information, also lists "plan B" type of jobs like the one you're describing. You could probably submit a listing to her and she'd post it the next day. Also, mefimail in regard to some other opportunities..
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Definitely Production Notices on Facebook is where everyone is looking now. Search for it and you'll find it.
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I would post on entertainmentcareers.net, mandy.com and DOG X's republish of the joblist at tempdiaries.com.
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UTA Joblist.
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