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Britain's Portable Antiquities Scheme database is a source of endless fascination. Are there similar (non-English language) databases available--online, for browsing?
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Yes, that's it. I know about Europeana, but am particularly interested in other "small artifact" and misc. historical item database collections, particularly those dealing with Europe and Asia.
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Apologies if I misread the question, but museum databases will be the best catalogued/photographed/researched and will be the most likely to include a paragraph or two of context written for laypeople. For example: British Museum, Louvre, Met. Those all obviously have a lot of non-archaeological stuff, but if you pull up everything in, for example, the Greek and Roman Art departments, you'll get a lot of everyday life stuff (including the massive amounts of things not pretty enough to be on display that are sitting around in the museum's basements).

As for non-museum databases, the ones I'm aware of are for the most part very specialized and for scholarly use. I've been using things like Receuil des Timbres sur Amphores romaines (which is actually a pretty well-designed one, as these things go) for a project I'm working on, but I can't imagine those databases being very exciting for amateur browsing.
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