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What is the easiest way to collect money from a group of people?

Fantasy baseball season is just around the corner (finally!), and I have been appointed treasurer for our league. This means it is up to me to collect everyone's dues, as well as doling out the prize money in October. Last year we had some hiccups with late payments, people sending cash/checks through the mail, etc. I want to make this as simple and pain-free as possible, so that my fellow managers have no excuse not to cough it up. Ideally this would be a website that they don't need an account to use, and one that also accepts credit/debit cards. If the money can be held in a common account, and then given out later, that would be awesome.

I've googled a bit, but can only seem to find charity-related websites.
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1. Set up an account at ING or some other free online bank.
2. Set up a Paypal account tied to that account.
3. Deposit funds as they come in, dole back out at the end of the season.
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how much money you dealing with, with paypal if its under a certain amount, you don't have to take out money.
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I don't remember the name(s) but not too long ago I read about a new service (or services?) for roommates to easily split bills and pay their shares to each other online. Perhaps such a service could be utilized for your needs.
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Yeah, paypal sounds like the way to go. You can use it to pay by debit or credit card without having an account.
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Best answer:

"WePay is the best way to collect money from other people." I haven't used it myself, though.
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Response by poster: $25 per person, 12 people in the league, plus we are penalizing last place $50 (in order to keep people from bailing on their teams in July).

Can anyone speak for WePay?
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I haven't personally used WePay, but a friend is a big fan of it.
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