Smartphone + app to use with the autofocus/GTD system with multiple lists
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I'm looking for a smartphone + application to use with the autofocus system for todo list/productivity. I want to have context dependent lists like GTD. Can you help me make sense of the hundreds out there?

My current phone is no good and I'm due for an upgrade so I really want to nail my productivity system which is the main reason to have a smartphone. So I'm not tied to any phone, iphone android etc are possibilities. but this is the main raison d'etre.

I use the autofocus system, and want to have a couple of lists for work, home etc.

So desirable things:

* Easy and enjoyable to use, no endless messing around on phone

*Basically standalone app, cool to use on the phone alone. Backup available to pc not Mac.

* Can handle multiple lists

* It's easy to copy a task from the top to the bottom of the list

* I can easily link a task to a calendar alarm or a google calendar alarm. I mean that I can write a task, then easily make an alarm that reminds me of that task, not a generic alarm. Good if I can also change/postpone the time easily.

*Phone/app are good to use with stylus

*The app and phone will be around for a while, I don't want to have to change every 5 mins.

Would also be cool to have a generally good smartphone, camera, interesting apps music etc., but this is the most important thing.
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Response by poster: I've just seen rules for 'superfocus' on Mark Forster's site, I wasn't thinking of that but if anyone uses it on a smartphone feel free to give thoughts.
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Workflowy seems like it'll be right up your alley after they release their iphone app.
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I had a palm treo and used natara bonsai and synced to my pc. It was perfect. Now I have an iPhone and bonsai is not an iPhone app yet. It sucks.
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I use Astrid Tasks on a Motorola Droid. I just name the task and don't bother with the timer, calendar, or tags, and find that it is very compatible with the autofocus system, except for multiple pages.

1. It is definitely easy to use. Task entry is very quick, with a simple and intuitive interface.
2. It is a standalone app, but as far as I know, the backup option exports your tasks to the SD card.
3. Multiple lists are not that easy, but are possible (Basically, you will need to assign tags to each task, which adds a step to the task entry part. However, this will allow you to filter by tags, essentially making it possible to create separate lists)
4. I need to figure out an easier way to copy tasks to the end of the list -- I mark a task as complete, it moves to the bottom of the list, then un-check it to make it active again.
5. There is a built in alarm. However this is generic. You can sync a task to Google tasks, however I don't use this feature since I find it cumbersome.
6. I'm not able to comment on using a Droid with a stylus, but I'm sure you'll find discussion on this topic on any of the Droid forums.
7. This is a very popular app, and I don't think it will disappear any time soon.
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I whole heartedly recommned an Android phone with Remember the Milk. It has completely changed my workflow at college. Remember the milk has been around for 5 years already and they have only grown so I think they will be around a while.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.
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