Name the sappy, instrumental tune, whose basic melody I'm humming.
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Can you name this slow, sappy, mostly-instrumental song (and its artist) from the last decade?

So I've known the melody from this mostly-instrumental song for years, but I don't often hear it, though it does seem to randomly get stuck in my head from time to time. It doesn't have many lyrics as I remember it, and I don't remember the few lyrics that it does have, though if I heard them I'd probably recognize them. I believe it was popular somewhere around 5 years ago, though that's just a guess. It's sort of a slow, sappy instrumental song which I believe is mostly played on the piano. It's very melodic. The melody seems to just repeat over and over, if I recall correctly.

Knowing that the above description is certainly not going to get you far in helping me on this quest, I've recorded myself humming the basic melody of the song (MP3, linked below). The hummed melody is just the unique part as I recalled it, so if you played the hummed melody over and over, you'd essentially have the song if my recollection is indeed accurate. In any case, I hope the tune is familiar to you.

Also, perhaps to make this question more useful to others, if you know of any web service that can guess a tune from a recording of humming or whistling, that'd be cool to know, as well. The only music-guessing resources I know of are the apps like Shazam for the iPhone, but you must be hearing the actual song for it to work. I did attempt to use Shazam with just humming, but it failed miserably... :\

Thanks in advance!
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Oops, forgot to turn that URL into a link. Now I can't edit it, so here it is again, linked:

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"A slow, primarily instrumental song that became popular about five years ago" to me says Teardrop by Massive Attack; it came out in 1998, but got a new lease on life when an instrumental version was used as the theme music for House. Your MP3 doesn't sound much like "Teardrop", though, so it's probably not it.

Plus, I wouldn't describe "Teardrop" as sappy.
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Nope, it isn't that one, doublehappy.

The melody I hummed is definitely instrumental, rather than vocal like it was in the song you linked. I'm 99% sure it was played on the piano. Also, if I recall the song I'm thinking of also started out right away with that piano melody. It's also much sappier sounding, whereas the Keating song is much more peppy and upbeat.
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Johnny: yeah I've heard that on House too, but it's definitely not it. Nice one though, nonetheless. :)
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Not instrumental, but it kind of sounds like "Trouble" by Coldplay.
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I believe the song has also been used in a movie, too. Or maybe TV... but I recall hearing it on more than just the radio.
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Trouble by Coldplay! That's the one!! Thanks FreezBoy :)
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I'm pretty sure I recognise your song from your sample - but I don't know what it is called and of course it is driving me mad. The closest match I can come up with, in terms of mood is "This Year's Love" from David Gray's White Ladder.
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Yeah, I guess it had a lot more lyrics than I thought. But it also still sounds good if the lyrics had been removed... I also saw that it was released in 2000. So it's definitely from within the last decade.
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Sort of a win/lose situation. Just found out the title/artist of a song I always liked too. It's Coldplay.
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Wouldn't that be a win/win, Tim? Or don't you like Coldplay? I was listening to several of their other songs on GrooveShark this morning, and most of them aren't that great, but that's just like pretty much any band (except a select few outstanding groups, of course). There were a few great ones though. What was the song you liked?
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Looks like I forgot to mention, I did end up trying Midomi, but it failed to produce results. It may be helpful for others though, so I added it as a secondary best answer.
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