What is this "treposa" really called?
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"Dan, one of my patients, attended a retreat where he engaged in treposa, a meditation procedure in which two people hold hands for several minutes, lock gazes, meditate deeply upon one another, and then repeat the process with new partners." The author of this passage seems to have gotten the name of this meditation practice wrong. Does it actually exist at all?

The passage is from Irvin Yalom's Love's Executioner. I immediately googled the term and found that his reference to it was the only one on the internet. Does anyone know what it's actually called? And if you want bonus points, what kind of groups do this sort of meditation?
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Trataka? It involves gazing at an external object, but I see it mentioned here in the context of yoga with a partner.
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"White Tantric Yoga® is done in pairs as a group meditation. You sit facing a partner and follow instructions for meditation given on video by the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan"
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Eye-gazing is a feature of neo-tantric practice. In Portland, check out the events offered by Sacred Tantra Club or LoveTribe.

Also, with less of a woo vibe, apparently there are eye-gazing parties for singles.
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A local coach teaches workshops in eye-gazing (scroll down).

Here is an online community dedicated to the practice of eye-gazing.
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Yalom is apparently still alive; maybe you could ask him?
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The patient may well have gotten it wrong. Or the person leading the workshop may have gotten it wrong. I'm voting for "trataka got garbled somewhere, and either the patient or Yalom didn't understand that it referred to gazing meditation in general."
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Heart of Now does this kind of thing.

I don't know what they call it, but it can be pretty powerful.
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For future reference, it seems to have been trespasso that Yalom was thinking of.
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Was it a term he created? That seems to be the only website that mentions it; all other Google results lead back to it.
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