Last Second President's Day Long Weekend Trip - NYC area
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Last minute long weekend holiday getaway, Doable? Advice needed on taking a belated Valentines long weekend with my sweetie. We're in NYC and would prefer to drive. (Or take a train if the place is really acessable). A very nice hotel in the country would be great, we don't need a bunch of outside entertainment - beautiful scenery a plus. We're looking to leave late Thursday or early Friday and return early/mid-Monday.

A hundred miles driving time would be ideal, we don't want to waste hours in the car or the train, but this is flexible. A resort or semi-contained hotel (ski lodge? We don't ski...) or a fancy B&B is I think what we're looking for, A getaway that doesn't require a jet trip, and provides maximum relaxation time. LGBT friendly a must. Iconoclastic regional weirdness welcome. Where should we look under short notice.
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Outside your range by about 80 miles, but Castle Hill in Newport, RI is my idea of a perfect romantic weekend.
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The Hudson River Valley is worth checking out.

The Mohonk Mountain House is definitely worth considering. I've never stayed there, but the area is gorgeous and the castle-like hotel is incredibly charming and historic.

It is mentioned here along with some other suggestions.

Have a great weekend.
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Sounds like the perfect time to use the Weekend Getaway Finder: Just plug in your departure city, select 2, 4, or 6 hours' drive time, and then what kind of trip you want (in your case, Romance, natch). The finder turns up ideas for every permutation. Have fun!
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I had my honeymoon at Mohonk Mountain House. It was great. The rooms are spartan, but the grounds and hotel are amazing. It's very pretty this time of year if there is snow on the ground. It's an all inclusive, which is nice, and the food was very good. Mohonk was even featured on an Anthony Bourdain episode (but he talked more about it being like The Shining and less about the food) I don't recall seeing any LGBT couples there, but it was 8 years ago and I was on my honeymoon, so I probably wasn't paying a lot of attention.

Otherwise, you could check out for deals on Long Island. You could get a great last minute deal.
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