Looking for a 70's Sci-Fi Short story collection...
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Random 70's SciFi Bookfilter: Mid to late 70's science fiction short story collection, lots of cool ship art, and one story in particular about two individuals hunting each other, one using all the latest tech, and his opponent taking a more primative approach. Story ends: "And the laser hummed and cut him in half." Ring any bells with any one?
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Best answer: There's a story in one of the Terran Trade Authority art collections, "Great Space Battles," called The Nimrodian Club. It ends with the line, "He spun round, his eyes wide, as the laserbeam hummed and cut him in half."

I've loved that art since I was small; just got ahold of some of the TTA books again recently.
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Response by poster: Wow - got it in one. I almost feel like I've wasted the global brain's time.

Hardcore Poser - thank you very much. Just looking through the sample imagery for the book on Amazon caused a nostalgia storm in my brain.
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Yeah, me too when I finally tracked down local copies of those books; I just had to have them all.

BTW, here are the two pictures appearing with the story: Peter Elson's "To Open The Sky" and Jim Burns' "Let the Fire Fall."
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Response by poster: I just ordered three of the original four from Amazon. Then, I found


That has a bunch of ship art and information on a role playing game. Wow - good to see I'm not alone in my Terran Trade Authority fixation.

The "Let the Fire Fall" picture was... awesome.
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