winter fishing on Cape Cod?
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So how's the fishing on Cape Cod this time of year?

My girlfriend and I are spending this Presidents' Day weekend on the Cape (Provincetown to be exact, though we'll be driving into town so information on the general area is still helpful). One of the things we've discussed doing was fishing - not a boat tour or anything, just standing on a pile of rocks somewhere and casting into the ocean. Assuming we can get fishing permits and gear, and the weather cooperates, is this a feasible activity? What's biting in the winter months? Are they good eatin'? Are there decent spots to fish while on land, or are boats the only option? What about ice fishing?

thanks in advance!
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I lived on the Cape for a couple of years, and this was the time of year when we were getting our gear in shape. The stripers and blue's don't really show up until late April. If memory serves, the menhaden don't spawn until late March/early April. That's assuming you want big saltwater fish in the ocean. Ice fishing is still possible on the ponds. I'll admit I never did that, so can't tell you from experience.
I know an absolutely fabulous guide, memail if you want his contact coordinates.
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From what I gather, ice fishing is going to be your best bet. Near shore or surf casting will probably not produce anything worth eating. ...but as someone says in the linked thread, give it a shot. It might be chilly but it will still be serene and beautiful. Probably get some looks from locals too. But who cares.
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I just checked the marine forecast for Saturday: NW WINDS 25 TO 30 KT WITH GUSTS UP TO 45 KT. SEAS 3 TO 5 FT.

Yeah, it's that far out and things could change, but I wouldn't want to be near shore in those conditions. Sounds like a weekend to stay on land, indoors, in front of the fire, doing the sweaty snugglebunny thing...
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Not much out there this time of year but tautog and shark. The togs will be huddled up near the rockiest, gnarliest parts of the beach, and the shark will be slow, and go after stinky, nasty bait - try frozen fish chunks. Fishing for shark is a bit taboo, tho, and not smiled on by the locals.
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Don't forget you will need a license, and maybe two licenses ( for each of you). In addition to Massachusetts requirements there is a new Federal requirement for saltwater fishing license.

The first link is also a good resource for MA fishing spots.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone - sounds we'll be trying ice fishing (if it's safe to go out, after the warm weather we've been getting lately, that is).
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