Vintage Digital Multieffects Pedal
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What is a cheap, crazy sounding vintage multi effects unit?

So, often digital effects sound ridiculous and completely unlike the analog effects they are supposed to emulate. I want to take find a relatively cheap multi effects box, preferably from 80s or whenever they first started making these things. Basically I'm looking for one that has the potential of being transcendentally cheesy/insane to the point of being awesome. Not looking for cheesy in a lame "haha the 80s sucked" way but something that could be interesting in its own way. It could even be a toy or student unit kind of deal, I feel like the nicer ones would start to sound too "good". A stompbox would be better but a rack unit would be alright too.

Bonus question: does anyone know of a cheap funky electric piano ie the wurlitzer 101 MLM?
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Zoom 9002. I had one for years and still regret selling it. I had amazing sound, was great for recording, and didn't sound like anything else I've ever used. And it didn't even try to emulate anything.

It wasn't a rack unit or a pedal unit. It went on your guitar strap and had a wired remote that stuck to the front of the guitar. Crazy.
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Boyfriend recommends Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man stomp box.
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The Lexicon Vortex is one insanely cool rack unit, a secret weapon of various well-known guitar slingers. The Digitech 2101 and 2112 are also great, and both have tube preamp sections.
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The EH Memory Man is only a bucket-brigade analog delay, it's a bit limiting (and I own one, and love it, FWIW).
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Ibanez rack units fro the era, especially the UE400 or the AD202 are VERY sought after due to the quality of their chorus and delay.
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Those old analog delays had a certain something. I used to have an old Radio-Shack reverb-delay. Now that was one evil #*' box. Noisy, but nothing else sounded like it. Now long gone.
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