Where can I find a kickass keyboard tray I can firmly attach to a desk made of glass?
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Where can I find a kickass keyboard tray I can firmly attach to a desk made of glass?

That about says it. Every decent tray i've ever used has needed to be bolted to the desk to keep the keyboard level and steady. I've used one at home for a while now that just won't cut it anymore, that clamps onto my old particle board desk. The clampy-tray is kinda bouncy and annoying.

Now, my friend has this really nice glass desk he got at Ikea that I was planning to get, but I am pretty sure I can't drill through the glass to make the standard tray setup work. (It seems like a bad idea, anyway).

Suggestions (besides, 'don't buy a glass desk, dumbass')?
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Is this too similar to what you have? It's the best thing I could find... of course, the pricing doesn't exactly go with 'Ikea desk,' either.
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You might be able to drill through the glass, or bring the desk to a glasscutter and have them do it.

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Tempered glass doesn't drill well at all, this tray works with any desk no tools no drilling.
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After my last keyboard tray broke, I replaced it with a ">Herman Miller Scooter Stand instead, and I'm very pleased. I spend so much time at my desk that it was worth the cost to me.

(Of course, as Andrhia mentioned about another item, the price on this one doesn't go with "IKEA desk," either. And the styles might not mesh all that well.)
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