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I live in NYC and do not have insurance. I am having an especially painful herpes outbreak. What is my best bet for getting affordable/generic Valtrex?

Do any public health clinics dispense it? I can get my doctor to give me a RX without a consultation, which he is doing now, but then I have to figure out the cheapest place to get it filled. Does anyone have any experience they can offer or anonymously e-mail me about? Throw away:
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You might try contacting the HHC Options office at your nearest public hospital. I don't know how it would work if you just need to fill a prescription you already have.
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I don't know about prescription treatments, but have you looked into taking lysine? It costs next to nothing, you get it OTC and it is really effective.
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Try calling a Planned Parenthood clinic to see if they can help.
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have you asked your doctor if he has any samples?
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Unfortunately, even generic Valtrex is expensive. You could try the manufacturer's prescription assistance program.
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Hi OP...memail me; I might have a solution for you.
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(I'm a doctor.) Acyclovir is cheap and probably equally effective. There have been supply problems lately, though. It's main downside is you have to take it 5 times a day as opposed to once or twice daily for valacyclovir. For that convenience, you pay 4-5 times as much.
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Try the Callen Lorde Community Health Center in Chelsea.
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