Keeping my business and pleasure separate on my cell phone?
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Can I set up separate voicemail greetings on my phone using google voice?

So I have 3 numbers that I am trying to navigate here - an office line, a cell phone, and a google voice number. My issue lies in the fact that my cell phone and office line are two different area codes. When I am not in the office, I need to have my phone forwarded so that I can receive calls. Since my cell is a different area code, I can't do this from my work line.

Enter the google voice number. I got a google voice line with the same area code as my office line, so that when I am out of the office, office line ----> google voice -----> cell phone. It works great, except for the fact that business callers are getting my personal voicemail greeting. I set up a separate greeting on my google voice account, but if you call my office line, you get my personal greeting.

I'd like to have it set up so that people calling my cell directly get my personal greeting and calls forwarded through google voice get my work greeting. Is this possible?
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You could try setting up your voicemail to work with Google Voice then setting up groups. Have your friend/family group hear your personal greeting and everybody else your professional greeting.

Personally, I set up my voicemail so if one friend calls it says, "Hi, John. Sorry I couldn't reach the phone. Send me a text." It took a little while to set up, but I get kicks out of it. :)
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You could do what 47trple2 suggested above. Import all your personal numbers into Google Voice and then set up one greeting for that group and have a business greeting for everyone else.

But, I think it should work correctly as you have it set up. How many rings is your cell phone set to go to voice mail? Could you make that say 6 rings and GV 4 rings? That may solve the issue. It sounds like your cell phone voice mail is picking up before GV vm does.
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Why not just use a generic greeting that covers everything? I doubt personal calls are going to be miffed if your "personal" voicemail message is something like "Hi, you've reached tryniti, deputy director of sales for WidgetCorp. I'm not available right now, but you can leave a message after the tone."

Everyone I know who uses a cell for business and pleasure has a voicemail like that (or something equally professional/nondescript), and it's never caused any problems as far as I can tell.
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