Looking for high quality image of painting in Mexico City
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My dad is collecting images of paintings of "the miracle of the black leg" as supposedly was performed by the Saints Cosmas and Damianus. He's looking for a good color photo of one that's in the Cathedral of Mexico City. Right now he only has a black and white image. Does anyone have a really good quality color image of this painting or has the ability to make such a photo?

This is the black and white image he currently has:


The painting is located in the Cathedral of Mexico City, Capilla de Los Santos Cosme y Damian:


Preferably he would get a RAW or TIFF image at highest resolution, like a 3500 x 2500 pixels image or better, but a very good jpeg image will work too.

Many thanks to whoever can help us out!

Hens Zimmerman
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Has your dad tried contacting this gentleman, who has taken a lot of quite good photos of other parts of the Catedral Metropolitana, and who seems to be on good terms with the archdiocese?
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Response by poster: Thanks for your reply! I have contacted Enrique.

By the way, the painting is by Sebastian Lopez Davalos and was painted in the 17th century.

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