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Need help identifying this Japanese game show... and hopefully finding a clip online.

It was one of those game show varieties that takes two friends, asks them each a question, and the goal is to have them both answer the same thing....but.....

One of these friends is strapped into a throne. Arms are strapped to the arms of the throne, etc.

The other friend is wearing nothing but a loincloth, and is sitting across the stage, facing friend #1, in the arms of a large statue. The statue's arms position him in a manner not unlike stirrups at a gyno office. Basically, he is facing his throne-bound friend taint-forward, with said region at face-level of the first friend.

For every question that the two don't match, the statue moves closer to the throne. Finally, when all strikes are exhausted, the statue pushes friend #2's loincloth-clad groin into friend #1's face, and begins waving its arms up and down to get a sort of bobbing motion.

I need to find this again. It is not Takeshi's Castle.
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Best answer: BTW, it's not really a game show. It's intended to be more of a comedy act - all of the people appearing are famous Japanese comedians.
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Response by poster: I love MetaFilter. Seriously.

What else have these folks done, then? I want to see more of this sort of thing!
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You're looking for these folks I think: ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!!. English wikipedia link...This "library" games always crack me up, although it's amazingly juvenile...of course...
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This is the famous Japanese comedy group "Downtown". They are the number one comedy group of the past three decades and have done an almost unlimited number of things. If you're looking for skits like that, it's mostly on that show, which unfortunately for me airs at 11pm on Sundays.
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