Cheap William and Kate commemorative china in Toronto?
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Where in Toronto (or online with cheap shipment to Canada) can I find cheap knockoff commemorative china of Prince William and Kate's wedding? I want to get a friend a gag birthday gift, but upwards of $65 for shipment of the real stuff is just not happening.
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Print it out. Tape it on a paper plate. Done.
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Obtain photos. Using plain white glue or fancy adhesive spray (permanent and waterproof), affix to china from Value Village.

Cute tags.
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Love the answers above -- if you still want something "real" (however tacky it might be), maybe a helpful friend or Interwebs acquaintance would be willing to send it over in a cheaper package.
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Amazon has some of the official items and some less official. My personal fave. Presumably has similar options. If not, I would mail it for you, cause it's the Royal Wedding and all.
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Honest Ed's, maybe?
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Thanks very much for the creative suggestions. I am definitely looking for an actual plate, because he can't be able to just take the cover off - it needs to taunt him with its monarichal nature (he's a republican, I like to get under his skin about it).

theora55, thanks for the offer. is the poor cousin to .com when it comes to things other than books and DVDs, so its selection is not great. I may take you up on your offer if I can't find anything local, and doesn't come through.
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seconding greatgefilte. Honest Ed's will be overflowing with this sort of crap.
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Print out a picture from the web and take it someplace that does custom photo gifts. This turned up on a search for toronto photo gift plate and this person appears to be in Toronto. You may be able to find someplace cheaper.
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