Best deck treatment
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What is the best coating to apply to a new pressure-treated wood deck?

I'm looking for a transparent coating that will repel water and help preserve the wood. The home inspector recommended something called Pinafin, but I can't find it.
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Thompson's Water Seal. Or tung oil.
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I would stain it first (many color choices)-

then apply Thompson's - but it wears off every couple summers, so you have to re-apply.

It's important, because pressure treated woord WILL twist, check and curl without it.
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Sikkens is the brand we've used on our cottage for about two decades. We have to redo it every five years or so.
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I applied Olympia brand last spring and it needs another application and never really worked well. If you really wanted to go long term there are some really good (I'm told, I don't know names) spar varnishes used on boats.
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Penofin, is what I think you may be looking for.

I have several areas of a type of mahogany decking, very robust and stable, but in a climate that is equal parts unceasing rain and intense sun, I re-seal every year with a good deck UV sealant. Doesn't take more than a couple hours with a roller and ensures a trouble-free deck for a good long time. I think almost any product will do depending if it has a decent rep.
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posted by docpops at 7:47 AM on April 22, 2005

My research when I was getting ready to treat my deck turned up that it's really the sun, not the rain, that breaks down the wood. As such, the UV protection is the most important thing. Colored treatments do a much better job of blocking the sun than clear if you can bend on that requirement.
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Thanks, docpops (and everyone). I used the spelling that the home inspector gave me, and tried a couple of others, but not the correct one.
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This stuff looked really interesting (along with their other products). And better for the environment. But if you're not in the States, you might have difficulty getting it. I don't have any idea.
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Sorry - if you've built with pressure treated the lumber, then don't bother with what I just said.
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