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Art Enthusiasts... an experienced artist asks: Help me price my work & tell me about your art buying proclivities...

~ Back in the high rollin' 90's I used to sell through a couple galleries. I was getting around $1200 for a 4'x4' canvas, $600 for 2x2"... As much as $3500 for a single piece.
~ Due to life, kids, etc., I've been out of it for a long time.
~ Wanting to get back to selling some art -- online for the most part.
~ An art consultant I worked with has told me art is not fetching near what it used to... no surprise.
~ I want to price my work reasonably -- I'd rather sell than not.
~ But I don't want to underprice/undervalue.
~ My new work is considerably smaller. Collage/painted. Kinda 3D.
~ Me: BFA, MFA, a few awards, long time graphic designer/art director type.

Now the questions. Any and all help will be most appreciated!

1. What kind of price range have you seen/paid on comparable works? (keeping in mind my 20x20" or smaller size work)
2. What seems reasonable to you?
3. If you buy online, where do you shop?
4. Do you have thoughts on buying online?

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First--love your stuff.

Second--agree that there's an art glut these days, which is great and not so great. It's pushed prices down, which I like as a buyer, but there is a lot of shitty work being done and it's harder to find the good stuff (like yours, IMO). I picked up a really nice collage piece in the vein of what you've linked last year. Younger guy--I think it was his first solo show at a gallery. I paid $150 for a piece about 6" x 8" (I assume your smaller pieces were 2' x 2', not 2" x 2"). For 20"x20" I could easily see paying in the $400-600 range, despite price pressure.

I've purchased a few small pieces off of etsy, and I've always been pleased. I've even purchased some pieces off of eBay direct from the artist (and also resales). I've bought several pieces from Soma and Concrete Hermit in the UK. Check out my earlier AskMe about art over the internet.

I've never dealt with etsy as a seller, but I imagine you might clear more after commissions with them than with a gallery like Soma. However (much love etsy people), there is so much junk on etsy that it's like amateur night in Dixie. Look at regretsy for five minutes and you'll surely have second (and third) thoughts about posting your work there. In any event, it's crowded and hard to find what you're looking for. I'd prefer buying from a smaller, more curated site, or from the artist directly.
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Response by poster: Admiral, thanks for the input. I agree with you about the glut of not-so-great work out there, and on etsy for sure. I've used etsy a little bit on a couple small sales simply as a way to make the exchange -- easier than a merchant account. But etsy's strong suit is clearly is jewlery, beads, bangles and supplies, not artworks.

Recently someone turned me on to ugallery.com... which looks better. I'm sure there are many others. Thanks for the compliment too! I'm not trying to market thru Mefi, but if you like, I'll send you a link to my site.
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