I'm a girl with boy underwear envy
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I'm a girl with boy underwear envy. Where can I buy (online) some skivvies that have a fun pattern or design, but that are in a cut for a girl?

I've noticed that there is a major discrepancy in the nifty-ness factor in underwear for gents compared to ladies. On trips to Target/Gap/H&M/Amazon I frequently find myself jealously scoping the mens/boys underwear sections because they just make dude underwear with much cooler designs! For example, the Gap has a set of shark/electric guitar themed briefs.

I have a couple of pairs of guy's undies that I really like, but the problem is the cut. They don't always fit the hips comfortably or they are cut too high and they come way too high up my waist.

There has to be someplace online that has women's underwear in awesome designs or patterns. Right?
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I've gotten underwear with badass prints from Target. Not seeing any online, but off the top of my head, i have sunglasses, bicycles, and paper planes.
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Victoria's secret cotton underwear is patterned, but very hit or miss as to whether they're cute/cool patterned or whether it's super ugly... they do a whole new set of patterns every season, so it's worth checking the website every few months to see if something catches your eye.
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Seconding Target. The brand is Xhileration, and I'm also not finding them online, but they're always in a little section by themselves for about 3 bucks each. They're the only undies I wear, they have different cuts, but I only wear the boy shorts. They are amazingly cute and colorful and seasonal. I got snowmen and pine trees around xmas, green hearts around st. pats day, and they always have pink hearts, stripes (red, black), polkadots, etc...they change their patterns up pretty regularly, so you can find really cute new ones all the time.
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Kmart's Joe Boxer brand has always been my go-to for wacky girl panties. The best ones are the ones you find in a big circular bin for like 5 pairs for twenty dollars. They seem to skew wackier than target's.
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Best answer: I like the ones at American Eagle- technically, their aerie lingerie sub-brand. They tend to have girlier patterns, but they rotate the selection frequently.
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Forever 21 has some with robots.

Thirding Target's Xhilaration brand. I have some with owls and some with elephants from there.

Also Macy's has a brand called Jenni that's similar to Xhilaration but a little less weird.
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UnderGirl brand.
Also try Urban Outfitters.
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Web Undies has tons of girls skivvies with fun designs
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Sounds like you need some thunderpants.
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Hot Topic has surprisingly good underwear.
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Depending on your size, you can buy Target skivvies in the girls' section for a lower price than the same size in the women's section. They are also more likely to include glitter, and I have some glitter electric guitar and glitter butterflies on camo underwear that I will wear into oblivion.

(An XL in the girls' section fits me, and I wear an S/M in the women's.)

I also sometimes just buy the dudes' underwear if I really like the pattern. The dudes who have seen my Optimus Prime underwear were not quibbling about the fact that, yes, they were actually boys' boxer-briefs. ;)
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2nd Aerie. Quality (at least from 2 years ago) is pretty good too. And patterns... depends on when you go. Mine are mostly Christmas/winter themed because that's when I bought them.
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Best answer: Or you could make your own out of your favorite old t-shirts.
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Response by poster: So, based on the links people have shared so far it seems like there really isn't a lot out there (in the states anyway) as far as non-girly underwear for girls. My roommate also wanted to add the query is there anywhere online to get packs of plain black girl underwear. It always seems to come in packs of white or grandma colors- but for some reason never just black.
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Best answer: The black underwear question has been asked before.
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Best answer: I recommend PACT any time I can.
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Before you get involved with WebUndies, I made a purchase from them and received it in appropriate order. I used a unique email address for the transaction. In a short amount of time, I started receiving spam to that unique email address, meaning that their database was compromised (or sold). I sent several emails to their support to let them know what was going on and received no response. Because of this, I will never order anything from them again.
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You might also look on Etsy for non-girly underwear. Or you can make your own iron-on transfers by using iron-on transfer paper.
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Thunderpants all the way!
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The Target undies aren't all girly! Hate to just be adding to the chorus, but there's some seriously fun stuff in there. It's really not the same pink and/or lace and/or ill-fitting multipacks with elastic bands that dig in.

However, I'm also watching this thread for more exciting underwear-buying opportunities. Hopefully there's some treasure trove of a store that has really fun women's underwear. In the meantime, I know it was just an example, but here's some shark boxers that are apparently for the ladies.
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Basic black = Patagonia
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If non-girly is the key, why not American Apparel?
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I get girl boxer type knickers from Topshop - I have some cool Wonderwoman ones, and aside from the characters they do some fun prints. I believe they've launched in the US now though I'm not sure if prices are hiked (I tend to get mine in the sales because I'm a cheapskate). They ship to the US, as does their 'older' sister store Dorothy Perkins.

I get my basic black from Marks and Spencer's, which might not be useful to you!
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Response by poster: Just came across this super neat store. Their patterns look pretty neat, but their website is not fully finished.

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