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I'm looking for indie comic books that feature one or more young, deeply sexy/seductive female characters.

(late teens/early 20s) I'm not looking for outright illustrated porn; though nudity and even sex are ok, it's more about the seduction and a poetry of words and story. I like fun, edgy, contrasty illustration as opposed to ultra-realistic artwork. Any suggestions?
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Liberty Meadows
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Try Ghost World and David Boring (both by Daniel Clowes) if you haven't already. David Boring is pretty racy.
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Pretty much anything by Los Bros Hernandez.
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Though not cartoons with a storyline, Mitch O'Connell's illustrations are fun. He does a lot of work for Playboy.
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I don't know how much death you like mixed with your sexy, but the Miller/Sankewicz Electra Assasin is hot. The art style is Ralph Steadman-eque (I avoid the regular Electra like the plague.)

(On the porn end on the spectrum, there's always The New Bondage Fairies.)
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Planetary is awesome, though may not be as seductive as you're looking for.
I've never quite figured out the etiquette around here re pictures
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Check out Rob Ullman. I think you'll like his works.
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Milo Manara!!!

I don't think it is indie, but it is deeply, and sexy and seductive. My first year in USofA I searched for it and the guy in the comic store told me to go to the "back where the adult books are..." The idiot.
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and 9 chickweed lane,
kinda mainstream, but fit your other criteria
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Woohoo, keep em comin'. :)

BTW, Rob Ullman is very much the graphic style I'm looking for, I gave his online store a workout. :D
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"Love and Rockets" is probably what you're looking for, as pointed out by hydrophonic. I was a little bit in love with Maggie for quite some time.

There's also "Tell Me, Dark", though I've only read it once, and it was a long time ago.
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My first year in USofA I searched for it and the guy in the comic store told me to go to the "back where the adult books are..."

uh, yeah, that sounds about right.

anyhow: a third for "love and rockets".
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carmina : "My first year in USofA I searched for it and the guy in the comic store told me to go to the 'back where the adult books are...' The idiot."

Well, the online gallery at his site has selections from a story about a woman who gets her clitoris pierced and then flies a kite from it, so I don't think there's all that much idiotic about putting it in the adult section...
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not the art style you're looking for, but david mack's kabuki might be worth checking out if electra strikes your fancy (they both basically deal with ninja chicks). the art in his color pages is particularly lovely. he's won both the eisner and the kirby for his work on kabuki.

If you're going to get anything, I'd suggest tracking down the TPB that collects the color work in Kabuki 1-9 (some of the other series are b&w).
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When it comes to illustrated female numminess, I've always enjoyed the work of Michael Turner, of Fathom and Witchblade fame. He recently did a stint for a Batman/Superman/Supergirl series for DC, and let's just say the Girl of Steel never looked better.
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Dave Cooper's Ripple is a really sexy though not exactly conventional story about an artist and his younger model... I highly recommend it and everything else Cooper has done.
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Strangers In Paradise could be your thang.

On a less obvious note, howabout Blue Monday?

There's also an absolute shedload of manga which perfectly fits your criteria, but I'm not that well qualified to make recommendations. Great Teacher Onizuka is the only one I read, and that sort of fits what you're looking for, especially in the later volumes.
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Grendel: Devil's Legacy. Very sexy and very, very violent. Well written too.
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Diary of a Teenage Girl by Phoebe Gloeckner might be worth checking out.
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All of Stray Bullets is excellent, but Volume 2: Somewhere Out West focuses more on the alluring and dangerous characters of Nina and Beth.

Rent Girl is sexy as hell, in a peeling back the veil sort of way.

There is also Sin City, either of the first two books will do.
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