Color printer quest
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I'm looking for a color printer which can compete with designer and scrapbook papers-- designer papers are the computer paper with preprinted color backgrounds.

I make buttons/badges with funny sayings. I'd like to be able to design my own backgrounds.

The papers I've been using are have color-fast printing, and the colors tend to be sweet and clear (sorry for the lack of technical language) compared to ordinary home computer printing. I'm talking about the color quality you get on designer papers at Kinkos or from Idea Art. Printer colors look harsh by comparison-- I think the hues aren't quite as pure. It would be nice to get the richer colors you see on scrapbook papers, but not essential.

What I'd like is a not terribly expensive (under $300, if possible, but if not, let me know what will meet my other specs) printer which does really nice color on 24 lb. to 28 lb. paper-- not cardstock.

At this point, I'm paying an average of about 30 cents per 8 1/2 x 11"" sheet for my paper + printing at Staples, and I'd like to stay in that range-- maybe up to 60 cents a sheet.

If you don't know of the printer of my dreams, I'm also interested in review sites by people who are extremely picky about color printing.
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