I need the ottomans to nest.
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I want to buy this awesome adjustable height table/nesting ottomans. They have it at Macy's here in NYC, but the catch is I'd really like to have it tomorrow and they can't deliver for another week.

On the Macy's website, it says "only @Macy's" (great use of the @ symbol, Macy's), but I wonder if it exists elsewhere under another name.

My search skills failed me. Anyone? Suggestions for other VERY similar tables would be much appreciated as well!
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I mean, you could rent a car (truck?) and just pick it up, right? Is there something I'm missing?
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Response by poster: Argh, just came back to add this:

It's somewhere in a warehouse and Macy's won't get it out until Wednesday, so no, that's not an option.

Nothing you're missing...I'm just an idgit.
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Might they have a floor model that you can pick up, maybe in New Jersey or Pennsylvania?
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Best answer: Sitcom sells a virtually-identical table, and it looks like they have a few dealers in NY (Store Locator). Maybe call a few of those stores to see if they have the Sedona in stock?

And you have excellent taste! My fiance and I were looking at that same table last week.
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That table is truly awesome. Now I want one, too.

(No one need know the seat are full of Playmobile and Legos!)
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Nthing that I must have this table.
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Response by poster: Warning to anyone using that store locator: take a look at the area codes before visiting any of these stores to have a look. Most of them are actually not in NYC.

Wasn't successful at finding one in town this weekend, but I'll be ordering from the link you posted, specialagentwebb. Thanks!!
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