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quick! low-maint. costume for destiny's child themed party?

my first idea fell through. i'm a guy. i have a few oddties in my wardrobe but am generally limited. ideas?
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Tape your phone bill, water bill, electric bill, etc., all over your clothes and go as "Bills, Bills, Bills."
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Go as a pirate and be 'booty'-licious.
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Wear a nametag and go around asking people to "Say My Name."
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Or wear a nametag that reads "LeToya" and get mad when people don't recognize you. Glower at any Beyonces.
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Buy a blonde wig, and dance furiously. You're SASHA FIERCE.
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Soldier. Get some faux gold chains, jeans & a jersey. Or if you feel like your status aint hood, get some fatigues and let people figure it out.
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Wear a name tag that says "Waterfalls, J." When people ask, pretend to leave and say you're "Don't Go Jason Waterfalls." When they tell you thats TLC and not Destiny's Child, say "Wait is this 826 Maple Avenue or 828? Oh god, how embarrassing."
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you're all good, doublehappy. who would name their kid "chasin'"? jason, on the other hand.....
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