Where to find photos of people at a specific age?
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Where online can I find a variety of pictures of men or women of a specific age?

My mom's 63, and she occasionally laments being less attractive than she used to be (or so she believes.) I think part of that is that she doesn't hang out with a lot of peers her age, so her only basis of comparison is her younger self. I'd like to show her a variety of pictures of 63-year-old women, just so she can see what people in that group tend to look like, and have a more reasonable basis of comparison. (It's my belief this will be an ego boost for her, since she's a lot more vibrant than most people her age.)

She was very interested in such a thing when I mentioned it to her, believing that I had seen it somewhere on MeFi previously, and she asked me to dig up the link and send it to her. However, I think what I was actually thinking of was this height/weight chart. Is there a comparable site for ages, or a photo portrait site I could search by specific age?

Thanks for any help!
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A bit clunky, but 1948 births on Wikipedia would at least give you some people to look at.
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Go to flickr and type in "63-year-old."
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Getty Images allows this. I searched for "female 63" and received 33,000+ hits. I checked the first several pages, plus randomly checked page 200, and most images featured a 63-year old female subject.
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Any dating site.
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For instance, here are 63-year-olds within 500 miles of Manhattan on OKCupid. You may have to be registered and logged in to view some of the profiles.
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>John Cohen

With due respect for John's contributions I strongly disagree.

Depends on where you live, the above link is certainly not representative of 60-somethings here in rural VA and WV where women do not have access to medical care, dentists or good eating practices. Most smoke and have skin damage from too much sun.

Looking at the above links, I would say without any doubt these shots are the cream of the crop, and no woman in her right mind would post a picture of herself NOT all dolled up for a glamor shot, and certainly not for a dating site.

She should go to a senior center, get a free tour of an assisted living facility, a retired teacher's group, an AARP meeting, and to the grocery store after the SSI checks have cleared. THOSE are the true 60-somethings!
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don't look at the dating sites (I just did out of curiosity). people put photos that look better than they do on those...
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Male faces, 0-100 years old: onehundredone.dk
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