Help me get tied up in SF!
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I'd like to get tied up somewhere in or around SF either tomorow or Monday. This needn't be a sexual encounter, but it need be professional and discreet.

I'm basically looking to experience some restrictive, aesthetically-pleasing suspension bondage over the next couple of days. I'm happy to pay for the privilege of being tied up, which needn't have a sexual component at all. I'm 24, male and straight, but I don't necessarily care about the gender/details of the rigger so long as s/he is professional, competent, clean, respectful and some sort of known entity. I would love a room with a mirror so I could see what was going on while experiencing it (and so there can be some learning component here). Do you have any ideas or recommendations?
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FetLife is often recommended for needs like yours. Check it out and look for events, pro dom/mes, and suggestions for your city.
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Response by poster: Should've mentioned... Fetlife just seems a little like the couchsurfing of kink; would it be effective for maybe a more commercial search?
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MeMailed you to point you toward a couple professionals who might be able to provide the service or point you toward someone else who can.
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Yep, hire a pro. If you want recommendations, post a thread asking for pro recommendations in your city's group on FL.

Have fun!
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