I have a webcam. Now what?
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I recently acquired a nice webcam (about $100) that I didn't have any particular use for. What should I do with it?

cute female, so you can throw in some adult links if they're worth the time.

Other than that, not sure what other sites are fun to visit when one has a high quality webcam.

If you're too shy to post here, you can send your suggestion to anonymous021211@gmail.com.

And no, I'm not going to cam with you ;)
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You could start out with chatroulette. That'll get you a good sampling of everything in five minutes.
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If you don't know what to do with it, sell it and use the sweet sweet profit for something you would like.
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I always wanted to set up a webcam to stream on the internet and spy on my pets while away, haven't tried it yet though.
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I've always wanted to set up a security camera with one. Either inside or outside, I like the idea of being able to spy on my place from a streamed webcam at work.
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IIRC, that Boing Boing dude (Cory someone), set one up to watch the pigeons on his window sill. I've always liked that idea.
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Time lapse photography.

- Point it out your window and take time lapse photos of a day. (Or night if you live in a place with a great night view or pretty near a major airport.)

- Buy some flowers that haven't opened yet, point it at the flowers for a week or two. Play back the vid to watch the flowers open, thrive, then die. (Or, you know, turn it off before they die.)

- Do the same with cheese. (More gross, but pretty much any biological process is more fun when sped up hysterically.

- Make stop motion movies. Paper cut outs, Lefo, clay, etc. Takes forever though.

(Do camgirls make money any more?)
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Convert it into an Ir Webcam (not sure the technical difficulty level required of doing this these days, I did it years ago, with a much cheaper camera, was fairly simple process).
Point it at Veins! Point it at Plants!
Not sure if all new cameras are still compatible with this "diy hack", but used to be that you could simply remove a filter from in front of the lens of most webcams, and you would have an IR capable camera.

Infrared, is pretty neat. With a nice camera, it can do amazing beautiful things.

Then after you convert it you could do the things others suggest (timelapses in ir). Or online Karaoke *(there may be a better site for that, don't have links bucket to hand)? Sorry, on reading the question closer this may not be what you were looking for. Still an interesting thing to do with a webcam.
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anonymous, maybe you can get a mod to talk for you here, by emailing them, since you want to protect your identity.

were you asking for adult websites in particular that you could benefit from? or is that "cute female, so you can throw in some adult links if they're worth the time" just kinda how you talk? Because if you are asking for adult sites, nobody here is answering that because you were kinda vague. Can you specify?
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On the adult side: Cam4 (Very NSFW)
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