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I have a template I use for my grocery lists that I've made in my spreadsheet program (Numbers). Is there somewhere online that I can send it (say, as a PDF) to be printed in the form of a pad of paper? Staples doesn't appear to do this. I am in Canada.
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Well, worst case, you could have them printed and cut at Staples and then make your own pads.

Here in the States, any dedicated print shop would be able to do this; maybe you could find some leads here.
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Any copy place should have the capability to accept a PDF provided it's under their largest print size limits (probably around 11x17). I assume your grocery list falls under this limit. Try your closest UPS store.
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We have a grocery shopping list that I print out on regular paper and keep on our fridge. The only tools we needed were a clipboard and a roll of magnet tape so the clipboard will stick to the fridge.
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Google "Guelph" and "'printing" or "print shop" or "printers" and you get lots of options. Lots of printer services do that sort of thing, and there are a number of them where you are.
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