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My wife is looking for a group to join in San Francisco with some particular characteristics. Any recommendations?

My wife is looking for a group to join which has at least some of the following characteristics: in San Francisco, meets about every 2 weeks, mature women (40-90 years old), psychologically aware, intellectually sharp, spiritually oriented (preferably Buddhist, Hindu, or varied), meditators, involved in mutual support, shared projects, respect for individual differences, maybe even a good book club.

She is: a young 70 years old, meditator, travelled to India and involved in a social welfare project there, writes short stories, semi-retired clinical psychologist, regular exerciser, loves travel, enjoys occasional thrift store shopping.

Hive mind, your suggestions please. Any recommendations?
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Meetup.com is pretty active here, that would be my first suggestion. Some meetup groups are more cohesive than others, so she may have to try a few.
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I used to go to a Unitarian church, and some of our "chalice circles" (small groups that meet weekly for discussion and companionship) were pretty much exactly that.
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Has she tried the Saraha Buddhist Center? (Since this is San Francisco, there is, of course, a Yelp page, too.)

I know that's not exactly a specific "group" that meets your parameters, and initially there would be a significantly wider demographic, but they have frequent meditation groups that might be a good window into something compatible.
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She should check with the Unitarians, yes. First Unitarian here in SF has all kinds of groups and activities. You don't have to belong to the church to be in a group.
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Seconding meetup.com. I get emails everyday from groups that are forming, some sound good and others not so much but there's something for everyone. I recently joined a French dessert one and a ballet one. Also, look in into the JCC, Jewish Community Center. You don't have to be Jewish.
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She might be interested in Co-Masonry. Unfortunately that site doesn't list lodges so I don't know for sure whether there's a Co-Masonic lodge in San Francisco, but of all the major cities in the U.S. I would expect S.F. to have one.

(Traditionally, Masonic lodges admit men only; Co-Masonry allows men and women, but is generally not "recognized" by most mainstream Masonic groups and I expect has many fewer lodges.)

There's also the Order of the Eastern Star, which is open to women who are even vaguely related to Freemasons. (Daughters, granddaughters, nieces, etc... )
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The San Francisco chapter of the Older Women's League is worth checking out.
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