Marketing an internal website
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Launching a global internal best to market it?

The site replaces a number of existing geography-based sites, and has an intended audience of several thousand (which is a fraction of total headcount) employees around the globe, all of whom speak English. Senior management will of course send emails and voicemails, and we'll have Powerpoint slides and the whole megillah.

But, how to really encourage deep interaction with this new resource? Considering screen-based video tutorials, but I doubt many will use them. Embedded video explaining site features? Audio-only instructions available by click? Something outside the site? What makes you really respond to an internal communication and then take action? I'm being vague, yes, but I want some funky ideas.
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Videos? Audio? Ugh. The only thing that will get my interest, as someone who is an employee of a hilariously large global company, is making it genuinely useful. Word will spread fast.
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Tomorrowful, you just made me crack up! I feel you, I feel you. Let's say, how do we get that initial core group of mavens using it, understanding its use and then spreading the word?
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Solid phone directory for people and departments, commonly used/forms, link to benefits site, meeting room booking, and maybe a company-wide employee for-sale site. Also, make CIS force this site to be the default home page.
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You need the book Don't Make Me Think.

At a minimum, flip through and look at the diagrams of "What We Design For" vs. "The Reality," the latter being "Look around feverishly for anything that a) is interesting, or vaguely resembles what you're looking for, and b) is clickable."
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