Hilarious blog that debunks/critiques New York Times articles about new social trends
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There is a hilarious blog that debunks/critiques various "OMG NEW TREND!" society / lifestyle / etc. articles in The New York times. I think I may have originally found it via a link in one of the comments here. But my Google-fu is failing me. Help? Thanks.
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Best answer: Slate's Jack Schafer has a regular bit he does debunking "Bogus Trends" in which he spends a lot of time pillorying the Times. (Link goes to one recent example of this type of article).
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Response by poster: @BigLankyBastard: That's exactly who/what I was thinking of. I just forgot the word "bogus" when searching for "trends." THANKS!!!
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In case you missed it on the Blue, this post at The Awl is a spot-on spoof of NYT Style articles
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