This might have been the book that sparked my love for all things fantasy
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Another forgotten YA book title. I would have read it in 1985 or so - elementary school. Two kids from modern times are led through a portal (maybe?) or time travel (??) into a medieval/fantasy setting with (or possibly, where they meet?) a ranger type character.

What I remember the most is a fairly graphic scene where they all escape from a rampaging wild boar (by climbing a tree?) and (one of the kids?) kills it (with a bow and arrow?). I think one of the children was terribly upset by this afterward, but its possible it was just me - the reader - who was upset.

I remember this being the first book I had read where there was actual peril and violence with actual bloodshed and actual death... and maybe held the book in higher esteem because of this. It felt terribly deep and "grown-up" to me at the time.

I don't have the highest hopes as I have been unsuccessfully googling this for years, but am always amazed by what the AskMe collective can remember about peoples' forgotten favorite stories.
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The Indian in the Cupboard, perhaps? More wild west than medieval if I recall but I'm pretty fuzzy on the details. I'm pretty sure there was some bow and arrow action.
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Could it be The Battle for the Castle, sequel to The Castle in the Attic?
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No, not either of those.

Also, I don't think it was an item or object that caused the time/space travel. I almost want to say that the Ranger was trapped in our time and accidentally brought the kids back with him?

I did, while thinking of this question, happen to look up the friend who lent me the book way back when on Facebook. Currently considering how bizarre it would be to bother her with this question after nearly 30 years of non-contact...
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I don't remember a boar, but then its been years since I last read it. But could it be "The Wizard Children of Finn" ? There are two kids from modern times transported back in time to the Ireland of Finn McCool.
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A Tale of Time City?
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OH SNAP! "The Wizard Children of Finn" is It!! I recognized the name instantly!! This site is freaking amazing!!

edit: aaaaaaa! I clicked the Amazon link and saw the cover and got goosebumps thank you thank you thank you!!!
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There was a sequel to Castle in the Attic?!? I love AskMeFi
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hot damn, do I love Wizard Children of Finn. a bunch. I may have to go score a copy now. Bran and Fiona were the bomb.
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The Wizard children of Finn is excellent. There is also a sequel - Lost legend of Finn.
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