Trying to follow the light. But failing.
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Bookfilter: something something FANTASY something something BLUE LIGHT something something BIG SNAKE.

So, I'm really sketchy on the details and don't even know what to google.

I was in the 6th or 7th grade, so it must have been the early '90s. Our teacher read to us from a series of fantasy books that were thinly veiled Christian allegories.

The only things I remember was the protagonist following a blue light, being held in a dungeon, and tormented by a big-ass snake. Maybe there was a necklace or an amulet.

No, I am not thinking of anything to do with CS Lewis.

Somebody will get this—and knowing you guys, probably immediately!

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I hate to be _that_ person, but... It really really sounds like Narnia Book 4, The Silver Chair.

Wikipedia: "He explains that he suffers from nightly psychotic episodes, and during these episodes he must, by the Lady's orders, be bound to a silver chair; for if he is released, he will turn into a deadly green serpent and kill everyone in sight." "The enraged Lady transforms herself into a green serpent, and Rilian realizes that he has been enslaved all these years by his mother's murderer. "

And when they're escaping from underground, they follow a blue light to the outside world (confirmed by an amazon search within this book)

Possibly I have just read the Narnia books so well that I can fit any 3 random phrases into a description of one of them. Apologies for giving exactly the answer you said not to give.
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Response by poster: Argh, I know. I've read The Silver Chair many times too, but I know it's different. This has been killing me for years.
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No, I remember this book. The "god" was called Yaal or something similar.
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Best answer: The Tower of Geburah. I loved these when I was 8, but I somehow doubt that they've held up.
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Response by poster: YES I AM FREAKING OUT THAT'S IT. BOOM!
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Response by poster: A Jinn! The snake was called a Jinn. Holy smokes.
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It really really sounds like Narnia Book 4, The Silver Chair.

These books are very derivative of the Narnia books, which is why the sound-alike.
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