In search of a project note organization system for Windows
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I'm looking for a Windows-based (or online/multi-platform) program to organize my various notes, with the ability to sort by contact name, contact phone number, project name, and date(s). More thoughts inside.

I take calls and make notes to myself about a variety of ongoing projects. My projects have individual names, and there could be a variety of people associated with those projects. And there are some people who work on a number of projects, some projects completely unrelated, yet running concurrently.

I would like to be able to quickly jump to the information I entered or received on a certain date, regardless of project, or sort project information by date and contact, or sort information from/about a contact across projects. Is there any database + notation system like this that exists for personal use? Or should I work on a personal system that is more orderly? Thanks!
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have you tried Evernote? you can search thru everything yet also have it tagged and put in notebooks as you see fit.

there is a windows client for it for offline use, as well as apps for mobile.
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Tiddly Wiki

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Evernote is great, but since you talked about contacts, Highrise HQ might work too. You need to pay if you're running multiple projects, though.
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Batchbook is similar to Highrise, but with better tagging. They have a free plan for 200 contacts.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into stuff this weekend!
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