How to get Firefox and Winamp to mesh well?
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Is there any way to get Winamp's controls and playlist window to open upwardly?

Given Firefox's new look keeping Winamp in runt mode in the title bar doesn't really work anymore, there's only room for a few tabs. Here's a screenshot of what I mean:

However the add-on bar would be great place to stick winamp, if I could just get the controls and playlist to open upwards. As is they open downward and it's just unworkable.


I know you can change around Firefox's look, but I really like the way they handle tabs now and would much rather find a way to make winamp fit in. Some setting I'm overlooking, an alternative skin, registry hack, whatever. As for winamp alternatives, I've been using Winamp this way for ~ 15 years and would prefer to keep doing so. However if there's a really good alternative that would do this I'd give it a try.

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Try FoxyTunes? It's a Firefox plugin that will allow you to control your WinAmp (or other media player from the bottom right tray of Firefox. Add some keyboard shortcuts (I like Ctrl left arrow to go back a song and Ctrl Right arrow to go forward, but play with what works), and you'll be set. I can't imagine browsing without it.
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Fiddly bit with FoxyTunes: It will automatically try to swap the media player it's controlling, so when you load a YouTube video, the controls will be for YouTube, etc. etc. It's not a huge deal and if you really hate it, I'm pretty sure it's switch-off-able.
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