Cardiologist in NYC?
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Tested, consulted and faced with imminent surgery for repair/replacement of valve. Male, 60, congenital MVP, a problem since contacting bacterial infection. Severe mitral regurgitation, enlargement, familial thrombocytopenia, fatigued, otherwise good health. Looking for 2nd opinion, Doctor recommendations in NYC.
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What you want is the Adult Congenital Heart Association's clinic directory. There's a center at Columbia, but other than that you may need to be willing to travel a little bit.

My dad is one of the directors of the ACHA and runs a center about three hours from the city. If you MeMail me, I can put you in touch.
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I am sure you will find some great information through the Valve Replacement forum. People are very kind and generous with their information -- and they know what it's like. Very best wishes.
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Check your mefi mail, I just sent you my cardiologist that I have used with great success.
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My friend had a valve repair done by Dr. David Adams at Mt. Sinai, and also recommends cardiologist Dr. John Halperin at Mt. Sinai. Good luck to you!
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