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Half remembered craft article - a cute gift made with an egg. You pricked a normal egg, sucked the contents out, then bored a little hole in it. You could then roll up a nice little note or something, slip it in the hollow eggshell, then conceal the hole by making the egg spotted - sticking circular stickers on the egg including one covering the hole. I think the egg was also spraypainted gold. It was a pretty cute idea, anyone remember this?

I saw it linked either on here or a similar/related site like kottke or something a year or two ago. The instructions were on a nicely designed craft blog and included photographs. I thought I saved the link but didn't.
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They're called "blown eggs." A quick Google search will yield a bunch of how to guides. I'm not sure if the exact one you mentioned is there, but I think the egg blowing would be the hardest part of what you describe.
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Yeah, definitely don't SUCK the contents of the egg out, blow instead! (Unless you are really in the mood for a mouthful of raw egg). It's a talent that takes lots of practice and is going to make your cheeks hurt at first. The bigger the hole, the easier it will be.
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Bore two holes, not one; a pinprick at one end to blow into, a slightly larger one at the other end for the egg innards to come out of. It's not difficult at all, it just takes a little patience.
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And if you can put your pin into the larger hole and break up the contents a bit before blowing, they'll come out more fluidly.
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Yes, blow. Not suck.

When I was a kid, we lived the blown out eggs painted and filled with confetti to throw at each other. (not viciously, btw). Make one hole bigger and cover with crepe paper. Paint the egg and voila. It's like a portable piƱata.
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