A good view of sunset + buildings in Philly?
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I need a good look at the sunset in Philly tomorrow. With the skyline and the sunset at once. This is for a ~1hr time lapse photo shoot. Any locations in mind?

I found online that the last hour of the sunset in Philly will be around 255 degrees, moving to ~265 degrees.

I found this location on Google Maps. The view of the tall buildings is good, but the surrounding buildings aren't that great.

There's always the Camden waterfront too.

Just wondering if anybody had other good spots in mind?
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A friend of mine used to live in the 300 block of North Front (between Vine and Callowhill) and had a nice view of the skyline; seems like it's in about the right location. That's actually east of 95, though; I think you want to be somewhere around 2nd and Vine. Camden might be too far away.
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top of art musem steps might work
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Best answer: 12th and Callowhill, climb up on the abandoned railroad line.
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The top of the apartment building at 22nd (?) & Pennsylvania Avenue. It's kind of triangle shaped.
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Best answer: Just to point this out, although it's probably too late: we need something east of the buildings making up the skyline, because the sun sets in the west.
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Lemon Hill in Fairmount park.
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Response by poster: I ended up finding a nice spot on the south pedestrian walkway on the Ben Franklin bridge. I walked up to just above 2nd street and had a great, unobstructed view of the sunset and skyline!
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